About CaliforniaTelevision Network

California Television Network is owned by Real Estate Media Conglomerate; World Property Guide LLC. The real estate company owns diverse family friendly networks that reach a large audience with thousands of members worldwide. California Television Network was formed by a diverse group of California Residents that hail from Silicon Valley (Bay Area) and Silicon Beach (Venice Beach). A group of Television Program Producers, Doctors, Computer Programmers, Designers, Fashionistas, Artists and then some.

California Television Network will be offering a wide variety of education, information and entertainment content. All programs will meet FCC decency standards. All content is available worldwide on our HD 1080P Live Stream Channels. And also available on our 4K Video on Demand.

Our Channels:

Some of the programs now in production are:


  • We are the kids in America.
  • LA Special Investigative Unit.
  • On any given day LA.
  • California Adventures.

TV Shows

  • Hundreds of classics
  • World Property Guide
  • California Briefing
  • Fashion World Network
  • Dance LA
  • Shopping Network
  • Health and Fitness Network
  • Fitness Video Magazine
  • Supermodel Fitness Team
  • Aviation Video News
  • Education Courses

California Television Network CTN
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